My Life Programmes

Watford Women's Centre Plus offers women who have experienced being in an unhealthy, controlling, adult relationship My Life, a domestic abuse awareness and personal development programme run over 12 sessions. The programme is led by female facilitators who use a combination of presentations, group discussion, and individual and group exercises. Boundaries such as confidentiality and respecting the views and differences of others will be agreed and acknowledged each week. By sharing with each other, the group helps women to understand what abuse is and why they stay in abusive relationships, tackle the consequences and effects of the abuse, assess risk and identify safety measures. Working together to help overcome feelings of isolation and low self-esteem, My Life encourages women to understand themselves, their boundaries and the choices they make in order to identify healthy coping strategies and safe options for their families.

The aim is that women who have completed the course will be able to:

  • recognise and identify their experiences of abuse
  • develop their confidence in making safe choices and decisions about their future
  • demonstrate knowledge of their rights to access support and information
  • explore support networks to reduce isolation
  • recognise and indicate their feelings
  • "put light back in their lives", "find me again" (quotes from women who completed the programme)

The programme is evaluated by self assessment, a midway review and evaluation sheets completed at the last session.

My Life Programmes and Workshops

My Life 12 session Programmes

Each year, we run three or four half day courses. Each course lasts 12 weeks, usually during term times.

Saturday One Day Workshops

We run a one day My Life work shop three Saturdays per year between 9:45am to 4:00pm – This a standalone workshop which some people use as a "taster" for the full 12 session My Life programme.

If you are interested enrolling on either programme, please call Watford Women's Centre Plus on 01923 816 229 and speak to Alison.