Art & Craft Courses and other activities

painted background 150pxWe offer a wide range of Arts & Craft activities which alow you to meet others. The nuber and range of courses and workshops change on a termly basis so it is always worth checking for changes to our programme of events

Arts and Crafts

Our arts & craft women only group meet once a week at our Market Street offices. Occasionally there is a small charge made for materials. This group has produced a huge range of crafts from beautiful flower displays to etched glassware.

From time o time we do run art classes, which are announced on our Facebook and Google+ pages. These are usually groups of less than six and are taught by a etired art teacher, who has a good reputation for the quality of her work.

Sewing Courses

We offer weekly sewing courses for both beginers and intermediate students looking to improve their sewing. The courses run for 10 weeks each term and are advertised via our Facebook and Google + pages.

Coffee afternoons
Coffee afternoon's are help every Monday from 2:00 - 4:00 - come and have a cup of coffee with friends(we have a couple of excellent knitters who attend this session so if you've confused your knit and pearl we may have someone who can help)