Counselling Service at WWCPlus

Our aim:

Watford Women's Centre Plus runs a specialist women's counselling service. We can offer women a safe, confidential and supportive environment to explore all kinds of thoughts, feelings and experiences with a female counsellor. We can offer open ended weekly counselling for up to two years in duration or short term focussed counselling. The service works within the codes of ethics and professional conduct set out by the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP).

Why Counselling?

All women experience difficulties at some points in their lives and can feel overwhelmed, challenged and alone. Talking to a counsellor can help us to; see things more clearly, enable us to cope differently with situations, we may need support with a crisis, to make difficult choices and changes or look at destructive patterns. Women may want to look at issues such as anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, parenting, self-harm, illness and bereavement, sexuality, past or present abuse, domestic violence or substance misuse.

How Much does it cost?

We offer a good quality low-cost counselling service for women at affordable fees, especially in comparison to private counselling. The session fee is agreed at the free initial meeting with our counselling co-ordinator along with the length of contract. It operates on a sliding scale from the minimum of £5 up to £30 per session and is dependent on income and benefits received.

When are sessions available?

Sessions are available from 9am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9 – 4pm on a Saturday. There may be a period of waiting after your initial meeting for a suitable counsellor and timeslot to become available.

Is it Confidential?

The counselling service takes confidentiality very seriously. All client information is treated in confidence. This means that we do not disclose verbal or written information without your consent. The exceptions when we are legally compelled to do so or when a member of the Service believes the client or other people such as children are at serious risk of harm and there is a duty to disclose.

I am interested what do I do now?

If you are interested in receiving counselling and a woman over 18 years of age, please call 01923 816229 to book a free initial 50 minute appointment with the co-ordinator to introduce the service, discuss your needs, agree session fee and contract length.